Why content marketing should matter to magento businesses Why content marketing should matter to magento businesses
In this article I’ll tell you exactly why your Magento business should be investing its time and effort into content marketing practices.

It’s pretty obvious that not many Magento businesses actually pay attention to their content marketing practices. Some of them don’t even have a proper blog ready to go. There are hundreds of Magento solution providers and developers that don’t pay any attention to their content marketing strategy.This is really bad, considering that content marketing is one of the best ways you could promote your product or service to you potential customers.

Stay Ahead

As mentioned above – not many Magento businesses get involved with content marketing. There’s a number of reasons for this. Most of the development and solutions companies don’t have the staff or any understanding of the concept of content marketing.

They’re used to the usual sales and marketing practices, prevalent in the industry. In this situation, a Magento company that has a content marketing strategy, while its competitors don’t – is the winner.

We’ll take a look at some of the advantages of running a content marketing campaign  for your Magento business. It’s also important to remember that in today’s highly competitive market of Magento services and solutions anything may tip the scale in your favor – a reader interested in your content might become a potential customer. A business owner looking for an eCommerce solution might like the stuff that you shared online and take note of your business. It’s all about staying visible and being relevant.


A lot of the content marketing efforts are just…noise. That’s right. Take it as a fact – if you’re not some popular or famous Magento figure or have a massive following for any other reasons – most of your content probably flies by your potential audience and clients.

The case is even worse, if you’re not producing any content at all. You’re not even part of this content marketing noise. If you’re not even present on the radar, how do you expect people to find you?

Content marketing allows you to create a platform, which will always serve as a megaphone for your business and your brand. And this kind of visibility is probably one of the most important things in today’s highly competitive eCommerce scene.


If you’re new to eCommerce and Magento, then you probably shouldn’t care that much about this part. But if you represent a seasoned business, which takes pride in its experience and professionalism, then you’ve come to the right place.

Being a company that radiates positive vibes and makes people more inclined to order from them is not that easy, as it seems.

Yes, you may have your experience and skills that got you where you are now. But it’s not what potential clients always look for. As a person, who recently got into marketing IT products, I can tell you for sure – many people are ‘afraid’ of getting involved with an IT partner.

In a sense that they don’t always seem approachable, and of course, there’s an intellectual gap, which is hard to overcome. This and a pile of other misconceptions don’t help when people make the decision to hire a development firm and/or buy a specific solution for their Magento store.

Content marketing allows you to strengthen your company’s image. It allows you to create content that is understandable to the non tech crowd. This is especially vital, if your main audience comprises of small business owners, who don’t always know the lingo and understand the complexity of Magento infrastructure.


This is an important byproduct of your content creation process. If organic traffic is your main goal then content marketing is your only credible way of showing up in search results. If you rely more on other customer acquisition tactics, then content marketing will compliment them. SEO in this case, comes as a bonus, which simply enables more people to see you in search results.

A bonus that will stay with your forever, because Google doesn’t forget anything. If you’re betting on long form, unique content (list of useful resources or case studies, for example) then you’ll reap SEO benefits for years to come.

Promotional Opportunity

The beautiful thing about content, if its done right, is that you can openly share it with your potential audience without any fear of being marked as a ‘spammer’. For example, a good blog post that talks about the customer needs, Magento solutions and anything that people can actually put to work is an ultimately shareable piece of content that you can spread around as you wish. You can start conversations with it, you can share it to:

  Facebook communities

  LinkedIn groups

  Attach it to Quora answers

  Show it to your favorite Magento forum

  Tweet it to your partners

  Send a link to it in your newsletter

And do many other things with it. It gives you the freedom of choice and adds more flexibility to your marketing.

What Kind of Content Is Appropriate for a Magento Business?

This is pretty straightforward. Any type of content that’s appropriate for marketing is your tool. With a couple of exceptions – I’m sure that your followers won’t care too much about your Pinterest uploads. Here’s a short list of content types, which your audience might like:

  Case studies. Like this one.

  White papers


  Images with relevant stats about Magento (good for tweeting and Facebook sharing)

  Blog posts and guest publications


  Video guides

  SlideShare presentations

This is not the full list, as it’s up to you to find out what clicks with your audience . But the list should give you an idea of what to concentrate on. Look around the big guys – businesses, which you consider to be your market leaders. Check out what kind of Magento-related content they create and see if you can do something similar or even better.

The beauty of content marketing lies in the fact that you don’t need a big budget for your content to be successful and useful for your audience. Good luck!

Source: www.magecloud.net

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