Why third party Magento support is must for online stores? Why third party Magento support is must for online stores?

Magento’s versatile, feature-rich open source and enterprise eCommerce options help you make the most from your web channel.

However if your desire is to get the most out of it, you will need some technical support to ensure smooth running of your business. To avoid disappointments and future challenges many experts recommend third party Magento support. In this article let’s look at various reasons why you need third party Magento support for your eCommerce business.

Support anytime You Need It

clock-559963_1280Registering for third party support implies you will have an efficient and seasoned support team accessible to you anytime. You don’t have to worry about looking for a developer to provide support to your website. All what you need to do is just give them a call or submit a new ticket for immediate response.

The challenge of Magento Core Upgrades

As Magento continues to boost their platform and release upgrades, businesses running Magento platform find it scary to upgrade their Magento core as a lot of things may go wrong. For example some party extension may cease functioning due to incompatibility with new edition, data corruption/loss, et cetera. Having said that, maintaining the Magento core fully updated helps sustain performance and reliability. With third part support services, experienced experts can handle such upgrades for you, so you may have peace of mind.

Emergency Support

aide-161214_1280In case your website goes down, it can enormously harm your business, that’s why having third party services is vital to prevent any downtime or outage for your site. Such emergency support will offer you a peace of mind and sense of security with the realization that if such an incident happens, you’ll have someone to call; someone who’ll instantly engage to troubleshoot, debug and revive/recover your web-site in the quickest possible time.

Magento Performance Tuning

In a cut-throat market it’s important that your site functions optimally. Even a couple of seconds can turn off prospective shoppers; however, using third party support will ensure you are getting the most from your site with regards to performance and speed.

Experienced and Qualified Developers

Third party team of developers is normally highly seasoned, with 3-10 years of Magento development. Almost all developers designated to third support solutions are either Magento Certified Developers Plus or Magento Certified Developers–meaning they have perfected Magento’s architectural aspects and always adhere to Magento-suggested practices during development or customization or engineering on Magento.

Extensive Issue Documentation & Effortless Collaboration

A third party Magento support has the ability to track and document all issues and tasks complete with their status, milestones, comments by anyone involved throughout the life of an issue or task. This makes the relationship between all engaged parties smooth and conflict free.

Magento Third Party Extension Upgrades /Installation/Conflict Resolution and Management

If you have ever set up a Magento extension designed by a third party, you know how complicated it can be to upgrade, install, and manage such extensions without issues. With a third party service, you’ll never have to fear about such issues anymore as they will upgrade, install, test, and team up with the extension developer to solve any issues or even adjust it in line with your needs.

Finally, if you’re set with your Magento deployment, need to get Magento updates and upgrades, and want somebody to turn to whenever you run into bugs/problems, you are in a perfect position to take on third party Magento support.

Brian Taylor is the Vice President at Forix Commerce, a web development company based in Portand, Oregon. Forix specializes in Magento & Magento 2 E-commerce Solutions and have recently started serving clients with their initiatives all over United States. Get in touch with Brian through LinkedIn.

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